Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink Hippo Birthday - Help Needed

So I am in need of some serious help. This little beauty is going to be a 1-year old in about 5 months.

We call her our "Little Hippo" (I realize that it sounds a little rude to refer to my daughter's chubbiness but it's too cute!!) so with that little nickname in mind, we are throwing her a Pink Hippo birthday party.

This is where I need help. I have searched high and low for pink hippo ideas and have bookmarked a couple of pinky things but I'm actually stumped. Does anyone have any cool DIY ideas or links that they can help me with?! I would love and appreciate it!!

Stay Awesome!!

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Anonymous said...

So do I get my own blog entry this week or is that next week? As far as the party, I you were doing a diva party for the little butter?

Jen Durham said...

I wish I had a good idea.... I SUCK at bday parties! I am only good at baby showers n weddings! LOL! But you know I will help do whatever you need! I can't believe how fast time is going!! YIKES!! MUAH

Nikki said...

Hi I came across your post in a google search as I am throwing my daughter a pink hippo party....not many ideas out there! I just found hippo books in the dollar section at target. Its a crayola counting book but it pictures "2hippos up on sticks" for the cover and one is pink. I am also drawing myself a pink hippo standing up to do pin the tail on the hippo w/. And babies r us had a cute hippo tote just search hippo tote and it will come up. I bought it for plates etc to go in since you can't actually find hippo plates. I am also going to make my own hippo banner using paper circles to mount the letters for happy bday and the circles w/ a hippo on them for the ends. Oh and I found hippo candy mold on ebay to do the chocolate candy lollipops. Good luck! And post pics after the party so I can get any ideas....ours will be in Nov.

Anonymous said...

I am throwing a pink hippo themed party as well for my daughter's first birthday. I purchased napkins, plates, etc. from ( or type:

I found a cute pink stuffed hippo at Walmart in the kids section for 5.99.

Hope this helps!

Carole Morris said...

Oh I wish I would have known about those plates and stuff a month ago!! I already bought stuff to make my own Pink Hippo party. If we do the same thing next year, I'll definitely keep this in mind. :) Thanks!

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