All about me

Hi I'm Carole! I'm a busy mom of 5 crazy kids! I'm currently finishing my BS in Elementary Education where I will completely lose my mind and become a teacher. What in the world was I thinking?! I'll work all day surrounded by kids only to come home to a house surrounded by kids. LOL! The main question I get all the time is... "Are all these kids yours?" The answer is simply...Yes. And no, you can't have one. haha! 

When I'm not changing diapers, chasing toddlers, cleaning the homestead, or helping with homework you can find me in one of three places:
1. In the kitchen. I have suddenly transformed into Suzy Homemaker and I love to try new recipes. (Much to the surprise of my mother and stepmother.) So if I come across any cool recipes online, rest assured that I'll probably post them on here when I can.
2. In my crafting zone. This isn't a designated space. I have an overstocked craft closet, a kitchen table to sew at, and a garage to tinker in. I love to craft and I always have!
3. At my computer. I am a budding author. I have written a novel where I'm attempting to polish it up and get it published.

But enough about me...let me introduce you to the brood.

Meet the husband, J. (He has a real name but for blogs sake, I will refer to him as...J.)

He is a brilliant drummer and a spectacular dad who also happens to be the love of my life. Can I get any sappier?! He's the one who encourages me to do what I love and backs me up 100%. I love him.

He works as a juvenile counselor which in short makes him amazing. He does things to help teens get out of situations that others only read about in newspapers. I could never do his job. Never! Bless him.

To the right is Arizona and Sugar. Arizona is on the left. She's 11 years old and wise beyond her years. The things that come out of her mouth would amaze you and the imaginative stories would bring you to tears of laughter. She's got a gift.

Sugar is in pink and she's 9 years old. She's my athlete. She plays soccer, basketball, and softball. She's involved in cheerleading and loves to read whenever she gets a chance. She is my mini-me through and through. If you ever want to know what I was like as a child, take a look at Sugar.

Introducing...the boys. Peanut is in the yellow with his classic crazy face. He's the most loving and tenderhearted little boy on the planet. He loves to learn new things and he wants to be an architect.

In the orange, Bulldozer. The name says it all. He is the most destructive little boy I've ever seen. He loves to destroy anything Peanut builds and because he's so darn cute, he often gets away with it. I mean, can you get mad at his face?
Below is Ballerina. She's so dainty and adorable.
She could seriously be the next Gerber baby she's so pretty!

 Well that's all of us. Oh, J is insisting that I add a picture of just me since I subjected him to a solo pictures so I guess I'll oblige but I'll place it at the bottom. haha.

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