Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love my children? Well I do! They are the most fabulous and caring kids I've ever known. Today was Earth Day and in celebration I had planned a few craft activities and a trash walk around our city park. Unfortunately, due to my Ballerina having an upset stomach, we only got to do one craft activity and the trash walk was cancelled.

The activity that we did get to do was making bookmarks out of paint swatches. My daughter did most of the work at my verbal instruction. We took blue and green swatches and cut a hole out of one of the colors, put the other color behind it  and taped them together. This was a representation of our planet. Then we hole-punched the top and added a blue & green ribbon. Cupcake was so excited about this that she made one for everyone in her class and took them to school this morning! Peanut & Bulldozer could care less about the craft.

Well tonight, due to miss Ballerina the rest of our plans were cancelled. But did that stop my kids from celebrating Earth Day in their own way? Nope. They went and created this:

It's the Recycle City!!! I know this because they posted signs.

This is the most elaborate and amazing city that I've ever seen and it's mostly made out of discarded items that they found.
The Police Station

The Bank


Dollar Tree (Mommy loves this place)

Grocery Store


City Hall & Lowes
A Residential House

My little creators with their Mall.
How stinkin' cute was Recycle City! I love them!!


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