Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's the Simple Things - No. 3

Things that I appreciate this week...
1. I appreciate that Bulldozer wants me to nap with him each day.

2. I appreciate that being a mommy has made me use unique words like "Crazyhead" and "Bongo" in place of choice, inappropriate words. :)
3. I appreciate that Ballerina is leaves me cute pics of herself when she gets my phone!
4. I appreciate when my husband makes me red beans and rice with hot links. It is soo good!
5. I appreciate the fact that Peanut is the most loving little boy on the planet!

6. I appreciate that I have Red Bulls in the fridge!
7. I appreciate that Sugar sits so patiently while I fix her hair.
8. I appreciate clean sheets. Seriously.
9. I appreciate that Arizona came to spend 3 weeks with us. She left this morning to fly back home and we all miss her like crazy!!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to add Dr. Pepper as well. Lol.

Arizona M. said...


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