Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Ballerina loves tutus!!

So I got the best package ever in the mail today!! Little Yellow Sew Shop sent me my goodies that I won from Lee La La's recent giveaway.

The package is called Tiny to Toddler Perfect Purple Package. It includes a purple and teal tutu, cute argyle leg warmers, a purple flower headband, a 24 month T-shirt, and three adorable onesies!!

The good news is that all of the goodies are too cute for words. Seriously adorable.

The bad news is that my little Ballerina Hippo is too big to fit in any of the onesies.

She's only 7 months old and she can't even wear the 6-9 month one! LOL! So I had to put her in the 24 month T-shirt for the pics but she looks fabulous in all of it!

Thank you Lee La La and Little Yellow Sew Shop!!

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Litte Yellow Sew Shop said...

So Cute, thank you for posting! Mind if I share the pics on my blog too! Hopefully you can find other lil cuties for the onesies!

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