Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teacher Welcome Gift

Well my kids start school on Friday. It's a bittersweet moment but to be honest, I'm glad. This summer in Oklahoma has been a hot 110-115 degrees every day!! So I was pretty much stuck inside with the entire brood all summer! I'm pretty excited to have some quiet time during the day.

That being said, my kids always want to give their teacher's a welcome gift on the first day of school. Back to school shopping has gotten pretty expensive so I wanted their gifts to be cheap and easy. I headed to Goodwill and picked up a pair of cute coffee mugs for $1.49. Yay! In addition to the coffee mugs, I added some cute little things. For example, chocolates, Carefree gum, a gluestick, a crayon, ear plugs, and a band-aid.

I found the following little insert for the card explaining the gifts on another blog and for the life of me, I can't find it to link to. I'm a bad blogger! Anyways here's the little poem:

                Welcome Teacher! Here is a first day kit just for you!
Crayon: to ensure that your day bright & cheerful
Rubber Band: to remind you to be flexible
Gluestick: to hold it all together
Ear Plugs: when you just can't take the noise anymore
Carefree Gum: to help your class stick together and remind you to stay care free
Bandaid: to help fix any hurt feelings
Chocolate: to enjoy all the sweet moments
Coffee mug: to keep your liquid motivation flowing

Cute right?! I'm loving it!!

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Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Love this post! Hope you'll link it and any other kid or teen related posts that you have to our "Crafts for Under Twenty Somethings" party tomorrow!


Mary-Sweetwater Style said...

What a great idea....the poem is perfect!

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