Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cutsie Hair Bow Holders

So my most recent project came as a result of my desire to save a little money. I was online searching for cutsie holders for my daughters' hair bows. Of my 5 children, 3 are girls so we have drawers full of bows that always seem to get bunched,  folded, scrunched, and molded until they are almost unrecognizable. So I started my search only to be disappointed when I saw the price tag. Some of these things were being sold for $40.00 and that didn't include shipping and handling. thank you. After seeing some of these bow holders I decided that I could pull this off and make some of my own.

I took my daughters shopping for fabric with me. Well I took 2 of them. (My stepdaughter, nicknames Arizona, lives 1800 miles away so she only visits twice a year.) Sugar (my 9 year old) picked out her own fabric, girly skulls behind a pattern of pink and black. Ballerina (my 6 week old) was too busy snoozing in my wrap to be bothered with any shopping questions so I chose her fabric for her.

In addition to the fabric, I picked up two rolls of grosgrain ribbon (one hot pink and one black) and two cork boards.
I bought a full yard of each fabric but ended up only needed 1/2 a yard so I'm thinking I'm going to save the other 1/2 for something fabulous in the future.

So I used my trusty staple gun to staple the fabric around the cork board like so...

After that I used the grosgrain ribbon to make a weaving pattern across the board then promptly stapled the ribbon securely to the back of the board.
Now I realize that this seems like a crud, fast way to make a bow holder but they did turn out beautiful.

Then I added what bows I could find laying around and TA DA!!

Sugar's Girly Skull Holder

Ballerina's Girly Glittery Holder
Not to shabby for a quick afternoon craft! I didn't make a bow holder for Arizona for two reasons: 1 - she isn't here but twice a year, and 2 - she rarely wears bows and when she does, she wears Sugar's.

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