Thursday, April 14, 2011

A little lovey for little miss Ballerina

So I got bored today and made another little thing for Ballerina.

I used some leftover scraps of fabric that I had from Ballerina's bow board and decided to put it to use. My daughter decided she wanted to try her hand at sewing so I gave her some scraps to do one for herself.
She did pretty good but she has a heavy foot and got a little carried away on the stitching. But overall, not bad for a nine-year old. Unfortunately, Cupcake wouldn't let me take a picture of it. (I think she was nervous)
Here is the final product from me.

The main difference between this one and the last one is that I didn't include the rattle so this one is just a little stuffed lovey for her to snuggle.


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