Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goals for May

So I've decided that rather than post weekly goals, I'll do monthly. These are my goals for the month of May.
Monthly Goals List
1.   Finish Peanut’s dresser!!!!
2.  Make Ballerina some new rattles.
3.  Work on paintings for next year’s Arts for All festival.
4.  Ballerina needs new bows.
5.  Make summer totes for the kids to take to the lake.
6.  Come up with summer activities for the kids.
7. Organize my lesson plans
8.  Organize my craft area (THIS IS A MUST!!!)
9.  Find a good recipe for asparagus.
You'd think I can accomplish this easily, but five children are often better distractions than they are motivators. LOL!

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