Monday, June 27, 2011

Forest Party

I just recently looked through my past posts and realized that I didn't blog about Arizona's birthday or Bulldozer's! Shame on me! They both deserve their own posts so here is Arizona's. (Since her birthday came first.)

I am big on themed birthdays. We have a pretty spacious house so we host the birthdays here and I'm a frugal momma so I make most of the decorations and treats. Well Arizona requested a "forest" themed party. I have to admit....this stumped me. A forest party? She was very clear that she wanted no fairies, no magical mushrooms, just a forest. How on earth was I going to pull that off!?

I pondered and fretted over this for a few weeks until I finally just pulled everything together.
I used scrapbook paper in different greens and browns to make paper lanterns and lined them along the entryway and the hallway. They looked cool.

Instead of a full blown birthday cake, I asked my awesome friend Natalie to make owl shaped cake pops.
Finally, I used my Christmas tree pretzel molds to make her forest. We made about three dozen of these and she was pretty excited about it.

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