Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update on my May goals

So it's officially June and in May I made a list of monthly goals. Let's see where I stand on my goals.
Monthly Goals List
1.   Finish Peanut’s dresser!!!! Haha. Nope. It’s still in limboland.
2.  Make Ballerina some new rattles. Well, I managed to make her the cow rattle (see post for details) so that’s a start.
3.  Work on paintings for next year’s Arts for All festival. This goal was incredibly dumb. Like I would have time for that. Although I did get some sketches done.
4.  Ballerina needs new bows. Fail….miserably.
5.  Make summer totes for the kids to take to the lake. I bought summer totes from the dollar store. Yay!
6.  Come up with summer activities for the kids. Done! And “Summer Lovin’ “ has been a huge hit despite the sickness in my home.
7. Organize my lesson plans Fail…again
8.  Organize my craft area (THIS IS A MUST!!!) I love how this goal was a “MUST” but I made absolutely no effort to actually do it. LOL!
9.  Find a good recipe for asparagus. PASS!!! I accomplished this one with vigor and excitement. My family love the dish!
I think when I post June's goals, I will take into mind the fact that I have summer classes going on and five kids to chase after. I keep striving to be an overachiever and end up being somewhat mediocre. What is a mom to do?!?

I'll post this evening with June's goals after I ponder them for a while.

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