Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goals for the month of June

Monthly Goals List
1.   Take a picture of my kids every day for the month of June for our Summer 2011 scrapbook. So far this has been the easiest to do because my entire brood is so photogenic!

2.  Try not to cry when I take Sugar to her dad’s for 2 weeks. I love my Sugar and I’m glad that she gets to spend time with her dad, stepmom, and little sisters but I miss her terribly when she’s gone. It’ll be a long 16 days.

3.  Scrub my house like I did when I was in the military. Yes, I was in the military and I use to scrub until there were no water spots on the faucets or dust in the corners. That was before kids and I’ve fallen behind my cleaning routine ever since the sickness swept through our home.

4.  Organize the mountain of books I’ve got. I’m studying to be an elementary school teacher so when I find books in yard sales or Goodwill, I stock up for my future classroom library. Unfortunately this has gotten out of hand and books are taking over my house. In truth, I think I may be addicted.

5.  Make an attempt at tackling the craft closet. My craft closet is ridiculous. Partly because the mountain of books are in there as well but really, I think if my husband took a peek in there, he’d have a heart attack.

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the workaholic momma said...

YAY for June goals!!! My house could use a good scrubbing too - there is so much dust and dirt hiding under and behind furniture and appliances it makes my sick to think about!!

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