Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Simple things...

I have give a shout out to a wonderful blog I came across today. Jesslyn Amber is fantastic! I had to become a friend after reading this particular post and was compelled to link up because it sounds like such a terrific idea. It's called The Simple Things. It's about seeing optimism in your everyday lives and realizing that there are much more things to be positive about than negative.

Here are the things that I am appreciative about this week...

* Arizona is here for 3 whole weeks *

* Ballerina snuggles with me every morning *

* My friends are the most incredible women ever *

* My daughters love to hang out with me *

* My husband works hard so that I can finish my degree *

* My cousin is the world's best Godmother *

I love this linky party and I am definitely do this in the future weeks! I hope you do the same! Enjoy your week and stay optimistic!!

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1 comment:

Trish said...

it's nice to have great friends and a wonderful hubby to let you finish your degree! nice list!

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