Thursday, September 1, 2011


Have I mentioned lately how awesome my husband is?! Well trust me, he's incredible. Twice a week he gets to have some "J-time" and rehearse with his band. He's a drummer. Well usually I stay at home (always) and with the exception of the occasional girls lunch, I don't do much else. Well tonight he sent me to a local art workshop to learn how to Drypoint.

Drypointing is a form of printmaking. I've done printmaking many times back in my art school days but never drypointing. It involves using a needle-like utensil called a scribe and etching a drawing into plexiglass.

Then you smear ink over the top, scrape off any excess ink, and using a press or a marble rolling pin, you copy the etching onto paper.

I think that for my first time, it turned out pretty well. I'm happy with it and I think I found another favorite thing to do!! Thank you J!!

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