Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello My Name is Carole and I'm An Addict...

Yesterday I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and now I'm addicted to skydiving!! That was simply AMAZING!! I highly suggest that everyone experience the wonderful feeling that skydiving give you at least once in their lifetime.

At the skydive center, J and I decided to jump tandem. Tandem jumping is when you are harnessed to a instructor or Jumpmaster and the parachute is attached to the both of you. Unfortunately, the professional skydive photographer got the flu and couldn't jump with us to take pics. I'm not upset though. This is just an excuse to jump again.

We got into this tiny Cessna plane. It fits two jumpers, two instructors, and a pilot. I decided to jump first. I didn't even think about what was going through J's mind when he watched me jump out of the plane before him.

Anyways, when we got to 10,000 feet they opened the door. I placed my foot out on the step, curled up, and we barrel-rolled out of that plane! What was cool was the whole "stomach in my throat" feeling that I get on rollercoaster only lasted like 2 seconds when I skydived. Then we were freefalling. It was incredible. It seemed like we were flying rather than falling.

Then the chute opened and we glided around for about 5 minutes. It was awesome!! I will definitely be doing that again and next time, I'll get some awesome pics to go with it!! I'm hoping the photographer won't be sick. :)

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