Sunday, June 5, 2011

Story Aprons

So it has been way too hot in Oklahoma to do a lot outside. It was 102 degrees today. Whoa! It's not even July yet and I'm toasted! So lately we've been doing activities inside and cleaning as well. (I somehow tricked my kids into making cleaning a game. Shhh! Don't tell them.)

Today we made story aprons. I love story aprons. I tell me kids early in the day that we're doing them so that they can pick the perfect book and get to reading. They read the books while I cut aprons out of poster boards.

When they finish the book, I give them a piece of paper and instruct them to draw 5-7 characters or important items that are in the story. Afterwards, I cut their drawings out and let them glue their items/characters on Popsicle sticks. While that is drying, I staple a piece of paper at the bottom of their apron for them to write the title of their story with the author. Above the paper, they are to draw a picture of the story's setting.

When they are all done, I place holes at the top and string some yarn to that they can wear it around their neck as an actual apron. Then daddy and I sit down and watch their production. They use their Popsicle stick characters and items to retell the story against their apron setting. The stapled piece of paper with the title written on it serves as a pocket for their Popsicle sticks to be stored.

And how adorable are my little storytellers?!


Denise said...

This is a great kids craft. I think I'm going to share this with my friend who is a teacher's assistant. I bet the kids would love doing this. I found you on The 36th Avenue's Let's Party # 5 list. Creative people inspire me and this project is an example so I decided to follow you to see what else you will do. I hope you will follow me back I can be found in facebook too and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).

Tanya said...

Fantastic! I just saw my first 'semi-professional' apron show and it was amazing. The kids were entralled.

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